Our Beeswax Candle business began by accident when we were visiting family in the UK and they took us to the German Christmas Markets for the day.  There was a stall selling beeswax candles of all shapes and sizes including novelty candles.  We had never seen anything like it before so on our return back to Australia we researched everything we could about beeswax and we started to create candles as an experiment.

The Scented Cave was established in 2016 by Sara and Jonathan from a desire to make natural and toxic free products for the mind, body and soul.  We wanted to create a range of products without using chemicals and pesticides and that are environmentally friendly. After considerable research, we found that Beeswax candles are the purist candle on the market unlike most candles that are made of petroleum-based paraffin and scented with artificial fragrances.  These are detrimental to the respiratory system and the environment and can often cause headaches.

So, our journey began with making 100% pure Beeswax Candles, each one handcrafted with loving care.  Beeswax candles work as an air purifier by releasing negative ions into the air when the candle burns, which makes them an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies.  They have a beautiful flame and a subtle honey aroma. Our Beeswax is sourced locally and hand crafted on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.

Our passion with Beeswax grew and so we developed some natural beeswax products for the body that are free from parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates and SLS. 

With Sara being a Holistic Massage Therapist and fully qualified Aroma Therapist, and her love and passion for Aromatherapy, she began creating oil blend mist sprays that work on your emotions and testing them out on friends and family.  With such positive feedback about the oils, they also became part of our business.

The Scented Cave has so far seen great success at the local markets on the Bellarine Peninsula as well as at the Body and Soul Expos in and around Geelong.